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Elenco Lyrics Tradotte

7 First Kisses OST
 Ji Chang Wook – Kissing You

38 Task Force OST
 Sunyoul, Jinhoo, Bit-To (UP10TION) - Run 
Key (SHINee) & Doo Young (NCT) - Cool

• Monster

A Gentleman’s Dignity OST
Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE) – My Love

All is Well OST
Hyo Eun (Stellar) - My Love You

Andante OST
Jung Joon Young – Every Day

Another Miss Oh OST
EZ (Ggotjam Project) – Scatter

Bang x2

Believe In Love
Who Am I

Taeyang (feat. G-Dragon) - Stay With Me
 Taeyang - Love You to Death
 Daesung - I Love You
 Seungri - GG Be (Feat. Jenny Kim)
 Seungri - Let’s Talk About Love (Feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang)
 Seungri - Come To My
 Seungri – You Hoooo!
 Seungri – Love Box
 Seungri – Gotta Talk To U
G-Dragon – Untitled, 2014
G-Dragon – Divina Commedia
G-Dragon – Super Star

Christmas Paradise

Brown Eyed Girls
 Gain - Black&White


Beautiful Mind OST
Bernard Park – Dirt

Because it's the first time OST
O.O.O - Autumn Sky

Blood OST
 Tiffany (Girls' Generation) - Only One

Blow Breeze OST
Park Seung Hwa - Always Thankful Person
Jang Yoon Jung - Livable
Hanbyul - Those Words
Gavy NJ - I loved and Wanted You
Lee Hyun (8eight) - Your Love
Heo Young Saeng (SS501) – I Can’t Forget

Bride of the century OST
 Lee Hongki - Words i Couldn’t say yet
 2Young - My Girl
 Lee Jae Jin - Come Inside

Bride of the Water God OST
Kassy – The Day I Dream
Yang Da Il – The Reason Why
Lucia – Me Without You


 Jung Yong Hwa ft. Peter Malick - 27 Years
 Jung Yong Hwa ft. JJ Lin - Checkmate
 Jung Yong Hwa ft. Yoon Do Hyun - Cruel Memories
 Jung Yong Hwa ft. Verbal Jint - Energy
 Jung Yong Hwa - Goodnight Lover
 Jung Yong Hwa - Last Leaf
 Jung Yong Hwa - One Fine Day
 Jung Yong Hwa - Without You
 Like A Child
 Love is...
 Sleepless Night
 Diamond Girl
 Cold Love

Cat Funeral OST
 Kangin (Super Junior) - Please call my name

Choco Bank OST
Hanall - A Walk
Vanilla Man & Joo Ye In - You're Sweet
CLC - Pounding Love
Kim Ji Soo - I'll Cry

Chicago Typewriter OST
• Boni Pueri – Come With Me

Cinderella and Four Knights OST
BTOB – For You
Jessi – My Romeo
SinB (GFRIEND) – Confession
Yoon Bomi (APINK) – Without You
Younha – I Believe
DickPunks – You Pour A Star
Zia – Only One
CNU (B1A4) – How To Find Love
Lee Jung Shin (CNBLUE) – Confession

Climb the sky walls OST
 Dongjun (ZE:A) & SoReal - Hold My Hand

Danny Fernandes
Come Back Down

Defendant OST
Son Dong Woon (BEAST) – Dreaming Now

Discovery of Romance OST
 Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa) - Like a Child

Doctors OST
 Park Yong In, Kwon Soon Il (Urban Zakapa) – No Way
Younha - Sunflower
Jung Yup – That Love

Doctor Stranger OST
 Minah (Girl's Day) - You and I


Ellie Goulding

Endless Love OST
Homme - Love Comes With Goodbyes

Entourage OST
Reddy (ft. Kim Boa of SPICA) – Even If It’s You

EXO Next Door OST
• Baekhyun (EXO) - Beautiful

FT Island
Born to be a Rock'n Roller
• Time To 
• Do You Know Why? 
Black Chocolate 

Falling for Innocence OST
• Davink - Paradise 
• Lee Young Hoon - Hope it's not a dream 

Sky Blue Promise

 P.S. I Love U

Girls’ Generation
Sailing (0805)
Hyoyeon – Mystery
• Taeyeon – This Christmas

 Follow me
Baek Ah Yeon & JB – Just One Time

Goblin OST
Chanyeol (EXO) & Punch – Stay With Me
 10cm – Only I Can See 
Crush – Beautiful
Sam Kim – Who are you
Soyou (SISTAR) – I Miss You
Kim Kyung Hee (April 2nd) - And I'm Here
Heize (ft. Han Soo Ji) – Round and Round

Goodbye Mr. Black OST
Baek Ji Young - Goodbye
Su Jung Pae - Walking in Place
Song Yoo Bin - Perhaps this is

Golden Rainbow OST
 ALi - The Vow

Greatest Marriage OST
 Icon (No Min Woo) - Crazy Love

Gu Family Book OST
 Yisabel - My Eden

• Adrenaline 

 Freaking Cute 
Lee Kikwang - What You Like

Happy Home OST
Seung Ho (MBLAQ) - I’m Saying I Love You

High School King of Savvy OST
Seo In Guk - Finding Myself

High Society OST
Jung Yup - Dazzling Day
Park Hyung Sik (ZE:A) - You're my Love

Hospital Ship OST
Yang Da Il – Touch Of Love

Hwajung OST
Yesung (Super Junior) - Dreaming

Hwarang OST
Han Dong Geun – Wherever It Is
V & Jin (BTS) – Even If I Die It’s You
Bolppalgan Puberty – Dream
Wendy & Seulgi (Red Velvet) – Only See You
Hyolyn (Sistar) - Become Each Other's Tears
Yang Yoseob (B2ST) – Divine Intervention
Park Hyung Shik – I’ll Be Here
Jeon Woo Sung (Noel) – Memorizing A Spell
Jung Dong Ha – Don’t Leave Me Alone


• Bobby (iKON) - I love You 

Icon (No Min Woo)

 Dernière Danse
 Boite En Argent


I Need Romance 3 OST
 Jo Jung Hee - Now And Forever 

I Order You OST
Lee Ga Eun - That Little Thing
Ahn Hyun Jung (Feat. Ha Hyun Gon Factory) - Love All Around The World

I Remember You OST
Lim Kim - Who are you
Ben - Hug Me

JJ Lin
We Together 
 Dear Friend
 White Orchid

 Xia (Junsu) - License to Love
 Xia (Junsu) - Love You More
 Wake Me Tonight  

Jackpot OST
Kim Bo Hyung (Spica) - I Miss You

Jeon Woo Chi OST
 Changmin (TVXQ) - A Person Like Tears

Katy Perry

Kill me Heal me OST
Jang Jae In (feat. Nashow) - Auditory Hallucination

Lana Del Rey
Young and Beautiful

Lee Minho
Burning Up
Thank You

Legend of the Blue Sea OST
LYn – Love Story
Yoon Mirae – A World That Is You
• Jung Yeop – Lean On You
Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – Like A Heart Fluttering Boy
Sung Shi Kyung – Somewhere Some Day
Second Moon (ft. Han Ah Reum) – Hidden Story
Lee Sun Hee – Wind Flower
Ken (VIXX) – Fool
Coffee Boy – Why Am I Like This
Sejung (Gugudan) - If
Min Chae – Love Road

Let's Eat OST
Yang Yoseob (BEAST) - Why Don’t You Know

Let’s Fight Ghost OST
Kim So Hyun – Dream

Lucky Romance OST
Kei (Lovelyz) - Electric
Xia (Junsu) - Lean on me
Tae Yoon - More Than Anyone Else

Push and Pull

0324 (Becoming a Star...)
 T.O (M.Pire) - Lie

 Because There Are Two
 12 Months 


 It's You

Starship Planet 2016 - Love Wishes
Starship Planet 2017 – Christmas Day ⇝ 
• Lonely Christmas

Manhole OST
Louie (Geeks) ft. Hayana – Airplane
Sooyoon (Royal Pirates) – In Front Of You
Sandeul (B1A4) – Tell Me
Kim Ji Soo – Stay With Me
Kim EZ (Ggot Jam Project) – To You
Kevin Oh – With You

Mimi OST
 Changmin (TVXQ) - Because i love you

Mirror of the witch OST
Way & Choa (Crayon Pop) - Always

Missing Nine OST
Chen (EXO) – I’m Not Okay

Missing Noir M OST
Kim Yoon Ah (feat. Olltii) - Lucid Dream

Monster OST
SE7EN - Am i Alright

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST
 Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin (EXO) – For You 
Loco & Punch – Say Yes
I.O.I – I Love You, I Remember You
Davichi – Forgetting You
Taeyeon – All With You
Epik High (ft. Lee Hi) – Can You Hear My Heart
Baek Ah Yeon – A Lot Like Love
SG Wannabe – I’m Confessing
Im Sun Hae – Will Be Back
Jung Seung Hwan – Wind
Lee Hi – My Love
AKMU – Be With You
Lim Do Hyuk – Goodbye

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds OST
Soyou (Sistar) & Yoo Seung Woo - No Sleep
Sandeul (B1A4) - Swallowing my Heart
Gummy – Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
Ben - Misty Road
Beige – Because I Miss You
Sung Shi Kyung - Fondly, Goodbye
Park Bo Gum – My Person

Mozart Musical OST
 Hyunseung (B2ST) – I Am, I Am

My Annoying Brother OST
Jo Jung Suk & D.O – Don’t Worry 

My Secret Romance OST
Song Ji Eung & Sung Hoon - Same
Sung Hoon (Roiii) – Only You In This World
Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Hyun, Kim Eun Bi – Getting Stranger
• Moon Myung Mi - Love is so good

My Spring Day OST
 Jung Joon Il (Mate) - Hey, i love you
 Park Jae Jung - Who are you
 Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) - I Believe
 Kim Tae Hyun (DickPunks) - Sometime

My Unfortunate Boyfriend OST
Lumin (M.Pire) & Yoon Haeng Hoon - Good Day

Many Little Romance OST
 Song Joong Ki ft. Gye Pi - The Water is Wide ⇝

Modern Farmer OST
 Jung Joon Young - Same Place
 Lee Hongki (FT Island) - When Love Comes

My Lovely Girl OST
 Kim Tae Woo (G.O.D) - Only You
 Alex - I want to love you
 Loco & Mamamoo - This Song

Mask OST
Lyn - Just One Day
Chandler&Vasco - I'll Pretend i'm dead
Navi - I hoped it was a like
Byul Ha (HeartB) - No Love
 Junggigo (feat. Jooheon of Monsta X) - Similar
Seo Eun Kwang (BTOB) & Miyu - I Miss You

Big Deal

Neighborhood Hero OST
Lee Geon (MADTOWN) - Still

Nice Guy OST
 Song Joong Ki - Really
 Kim Junsu (JYJ) - Love Is Like Snow

Night Light OST
Xiah – Road

Oh My Ghost OST
Park Bo Young - Leaving

Park Hyo Shin 
Wild Flowers

Dream (feat. Xia of JYJ)

Prince of Prince OST
Na Do Kyu (History), MOJO - Because i love you

Queen for Seven Days OST
Junggigo - Miss You In My Heart

Ruler: Master of the Mask OST
Yang Yoseob (Highlight) – Couldn’t Cry Because I’m A Man
Kei (Lovelyz) - Star and Sun
Yang Yo Seob (Highlight) – Tree

S.M. The Ballad
A Day Without You

 Jonghyun - Hallelujah
 An Encore
Jonghyun - White T-Shirt
Jonghyun - Aurora
Taemin - Sayonara Hitori
Jonghyun – Inspiration
Jonghyun – Elevator 
Taemin – Back To You
• Taemin – Day and Night

 Don't Cry

So Ji Sub
 Eraser (Feat. Mellow)  

Kim Kyu Jong - Draw The Love

Super Junior
 Kyuhyun - Eternal Sunshine
 Kyuhyun - At Close
 Kyuhyun - Moment of Farewell
 Kyuhyun - One Confession
 Kyuhyun - Flying, Deep in the Night
 Kyuhyun - My Thoughts, your Memories
 Fly High
 My Love for you
 After A Minute
 Donghae & Eunhyuk – Motorcycle
Yesung - Between
Yesung (feat. Chanyeol of EXO) - Confession
The Lucky Ones
I Do
Heechul, Eunhyuk, Shindong (Super Junior) & Solar (Mamamoo) – Charm of Life

Scholar Who Walks the Night OST
Eun Ga Eun - Sad Wind
Yook Sung Jae (BTOB) - Love You Again
BEAST/B2ST - Without You

Secret Door OST
 Block B - Secret Door

She Was Pretty OST
Kim Min Seung - Boom Boom Boom
ZIA - Sometimes

Shopping King Louie OST
Kim So Hee (I.B.I) - Navigation

 Zia - Stardust  
 Gummy - For Spy
 Jung Yup (Brown Eyed Soul) - Shadow
 Buzz - Hero

Strongest Deliveryman OST
Go Kyung Pyo – Lalala
VANTA - Youth Comic

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST
Jung Eun Ji (A Pink) – Your Garden
Suran – Heartbeat
Vromance (ft. O Broject) – Am I In Love
Park Hyung Shik – Because That Person Is You

Sugar Man OST
Chen & Chanyeol (EXO) - If We love Again

Surplus Princess OST
 Ever-New  - The Last Conversation  

Suspicious Partner OST
O.WHEN – How Should I Tell You
Kihyun (Monsta X) – Attached To You
Bumkey – All The Days You Breathe
Yoo Ha Jung – Silly Love
Ji Chang Wook – 101 Reasons

Sweet Stranger and Me OST
Kim Jong Kook – Fool
Henry (ft. Mark of NCT) – I Wanna Go Into Your Heart


Tiger JK
I Know

Topp Dogg


 Runnin` On Empty
 Tree of Life
Changmin (Max) – In A Different Life

Again (Feat. Yoo Jae Suk)

Two Song Place

Tomorrow Boy OST
Yang.D & Sharky (feat. Heo Jung Joo) - Do it

Tomorrow With You OST
Seo In Guk – Flower

Telemonster OST
 Infinite - Monster Time

The Best Hit OST
BoA & Mad Clown - Tonight
Kyuhyun – If You

The K2 OST
Kim Bo Hyung (SPICA) – Again Today

The King in Love OST
Roy Kim – Starlight
Jung Joon Young – Stay

The Night Watchman OST
 Eden - A New Hope

The Universe’s Star OST
Suho (EXO) ft. Remy – Daytime Star

Triangle OST
 Kim Jaejoong (JYJ) - Coincidence

Trot Lovers OST
 Ji Hyun Woo - All Day

Uncontrollably Fond OST
• Kim Woo Bin – The Picture In My Head
Kim Woo Bin – Do You Know
Hwanhee – Love Hurts

Vampire's Love  

 Cold at Night
 After Dark
 Youth Hurts
 Time Machine
 What U Waiting For
 Leo & Lyn - Blossom Tears
 Sad Ending
 Turn Around And Look At Me
Farewell Hands

W - Two Worlds OST
Jung Joon Young - Where are U
• Park Bo Ram – Please Say Something, Even Though It is a Lie
Basick, INKII – In The Illusion
KCM – Memory
Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zakapa) – Falling
Jeon Woo Sung – My Heart
Ahn Hyun Jung – You and I
Navi – Drawing Out Love

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo OST
Standing Egg – I’ll Pick You Up

While You Were Sleeping OST
Eddy Kim – When Night Falls
Suzy – I Love You Boy
Monogram – Lucid Dream
Lee Jong Suk – Come To Me
Henry - It's You
 Lee Jong Suk – Do You Know
Suzy – Words I Want To Hear

Who are you: School 2015 OST
Byul - Remember
Baechigi (feat. Punch) - Fly with the wind
Younha - Pray
Jonghyun & Taemin (SHINee) - That Name
Yook Sung Jae (BTOB) feat. Park Hye Soo - Love Song

Yamashita Tomohisa
Love & Hug

Jung Hee Chul (ZE:A) – First Love
Kim Dong Jun (ZE:A) - Healing

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